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START Wellness App

START Wellness (2021)

Shayan Italia’s START Wellness app, using cellular science, through intermittent fasting will help greatly increase your immunity power, energy, focus and propels weight loss in just 7 days with no change to diet or exercise.

Water Program by Shayan Italia

The Water Program®
by Shayan Italia

Shayan drinks up to 7 litres of water a day. He devised the Water Program® which completely gives you a mind and body transformation. You end up losing tons of fat, toning up, feeling stronger, faster and overall be the best possible you. His water program forms part of the START Wellness app.


Shayan Italia started Biryani360 in Mumbai on 01 March 2015 and sold it in March 2016. It was rated as Forbes Best Food Delivery Startup India, CNBC Best Online Startup Food Delivery, TimesCity’s 5 Food Startups You Need To Try, Best Takeaway Food Joints in Mumbai and Economic Times Top 5 Internet Startups That Have Become Household Names.

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