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The START Wellness App
Your Life Changes Now.

Shayan launches his flagship START Wellness app later in 2020. The START Wellness app is a holistic program that helps greatly increase your immunity power, energy, focus and reduces stress in just 7 days with no change to diet or exercise using cellular science. Working at a cellular level, and taking a holistic approach to good health, the START Wellness app doesn’t show you to focus on one single thing like other wellness apps do. 

On the contrary, it optimises your way of being, teaching you how to increase focus, be focused and empowering YOU to achieve a stress free life and achieve all that you set out to. Life is not a race. Live it as you deem best. Take your own time. Live it on your own terms! 

Shayan Italia Water Program

The Water Program®
by Shayan Italia

Shayan drinks 5-6 litre of water a day. He devised the Water Program® which completely gives you a mind and body transformation. You end up losing tons of fat, toning up, feeling stronger, faster and overall be the best possible you. In the commercial world of today, it is highly advised to go on Shayan’s Water Program® at least once a year, It also makes you look YEARS YOUNGER! Doing the water plan Shayan achieved a body fat percentage of 8.4% as tested through the InBody 770 Body Composition and Body Water Analyzer, one that NASA uses and perhaps the most advanced testing machine on the market commercially available today. 

Initially what was to be a drinking water reminder app propelling holistic treatment, and holistic wellness, Shayan’s Water Program® is now inculcated into the holistic START Wellness app

Biryani360 Packshot

“Best Food Delivery Startup”
Forbes | CNBC

Preceding the START app, Shayan Italia started Biryani360 in Mumbai on 01 March 2015 and sold it in March 2016. Within a year of being started, Biryani360 through guerrilla and clever social media marketing, became a critically acclaimed food delivery service rated as Forbes Best Food Delivery Startup India, CNBC Best Online Startup Food Delivery, TimesCity’s 5 Food Startups You Need To Try, Best Takeaway Food Joints in Mumbai, Economic Times Top 5 Internet Startups That Have Become Household Names and was honoured as one of the Hot 100 Tech Startups at the Exhibit Awards 2016 that took place on 9 March 2016 in Bengaluru

Biryani360’s food is created using BlueFlame® technology and features very little cholesterol and oil. It is nutritionally healthy and complies with all FDA guidelines for a balanced meal. It was acquired in March 2016 by a Michelin Restaurant chain to expand into Indian food.

The Mouth-Watering Critically-Acclaimed Menu