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Shayan Italia
Sha La La - The Album

65 Global Musicians. 3 Global Studios. One Vision. This is Sha La La, the stunning 9 track album from Shayan Italia.

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Shayan Italia | Sha La La
The most symbolic music video to come out of India with a deeply pertinent message: LOVE. WITHOUT BOUNDARIES.

Sha La La marks the visually enthralling Hindi-English Music debut of Shayan Italia and follow up to his historical Indian National Anthem video. Adopting a symbolic and deeply pertinent message “Love. Without Boundaries”, the epic project features over 65 global legendary musicians and an International video production team coming together like never before for an Indian-global music alliance. The music video features breathtaking cinematography.

Shayan Italia
Indian National Anthem

In 2018 the Shayan Italia Indian National Anthem version became the most viewed national anthem of any country in history garnering in excess of 100 million views on YouTube. Shayan Italia did what many would say “the unthinkable”. He took the most beloved tune from India and flipped it 360 degrees, challenging mindsets and defying the norm. Paying homage to his Mum, the heartfelt Shayan Italia Indian National Anthem rendition launched the initiative #IWouldStandForThis and sparked 450,000 tweets and over 6,000 press articles worldwide including the story being picked up by PTI. It won Shayan the prestigious “Global Indian Of The Year” award for his outstanding contribution to India.

Shayan Italia Feel The Broadway Musical

Shayan Italia
FEEL, The Broadway Musical

Feel is the enigmatic, visually-stunning and filled-with-wonder musical that is currently in the works. It features some of Shayan Italia’s most promising compositions from his 100+ strong Class-A song catalogue. Feel is a story about hope, getting pinned down by life, taking all the beatings, learning from them and rising up to succeed against all odds, with integrity. A large part of the musical is inspired by Shayan’s life itself; of the boy who lost his mother at a young age, became musical unexpectedly and started his journey of self-discovery.

Backed by a hilariously witty fast-paced script, incredible orchestration and jaw-dropping visuals special effects, FEEL promises to be a nigh to remember at the theatre when it launches. STAY TUNED!

Shayan Italia Sir David Frost Interview on Frost Over The World

“Well, is the new Elton John going to come from India?”
- Sir David Frost

Shayan Italia is one of only a handful of people from India to be interviewed by the late great Sir David Frost. In his interview on the show ‘Frost Over The World’, Shayan talks about his journey in music , entrepreneurship and how he ingeniously auctioned a portion of his future earnings on eBay to fund his initial sound recordings post the death of both his parents..

The interview opens up with Sir David Frost asking the question “Is the new Elton John going to come from India?”