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"My heart sees love in many faces. It is not defined by gender, colour, culture, caste, creed or places." - Shayan Italia

The Shayan Italia biography is anything but a story of your ordinary guy. It is a story of succeeding agains all odds; a story of hope. 

In fact, when it comes to Shayan’s life, his music or business, he’s perhaps its new age anti-hero. A non-drinker, non-smoker, and completely indifferent to the glitz and glamour world of showbiz, Shayan is an extremely disciplined individual. He’s all about the craft; he’s all about doing something no one has ever done before. Once he sets his mind to something, it’s considered by many as “achieved”, even before it starts.

And Shayan’s mind has been set with regards to two projects very dear to him: In 2020 Shayan launches his holistic START Wellness app that uses cellular science to YOU become the best version of yourself optimizing your long-term happiness and never succumb to diseases like his Mum and Dad did. In 2020 to transcend the Indian music video format through the release of his debut Hinglish music video “Sha La La” which completely changes, breaks and redefines the rule book.

This summer: Love. Without Boundaries.®

An Indian-born global multi-award winning entrepreneur, pianist, songwriter and vocalist, Shayan Italia started unexpectedly creating music after losing his Mum at a young age. You see, Shayan’s Mum bought him a piano just before she died. She never lived to see him play it. She lost her fight against cancer suffering from Multiple Myeloma (cancer of the bone marrow). Shayan lost his Dad exactly one year later having suffered from Multiple Sclerosis for over a decade.

Since then Shayan has been rather busy: he became the first person in history to auction a portion of his future earnings from music on eBay. He then got discovered by the legendary Sir David Frost (which is a hilarious story in itself) for auctioning a portion of his future earnings on eBay (wait we just said that!). We learn from the Frost interview, that Shayan privately raised USD 1 million to record his body of work titled “FEEL” for philanthropic purposes. Don’t worry, you’ll learn more when you see the interview post the “Sha La La” music video release.

Till date Shayan has helped raise USD 135 million (INR 1,000 crore approx) in light of Cancer Research and Multiple Sclerosis in memory of his parents. His personal life goal is to achieve more than five times that. Woah!!!

In this exciting life journey, the Shayan Italia biography till date has garnered 3 Bachelor’s degrees, one Master’s degree, performed live at Royal Albert Hall (to a standing ovation, we might add), and even started Biryani360, a critically-acclaimed food delivery business in Mumbai city and sold it within a year of opening it.

In 2018 Shayan was crowned “Global Indian Of The Year” for his outstanding contribution to India. His heartfelt version of the Indian National Anthem, an ode to his late Mum, stands as the most viewed national anthem online, ever.

Shayan Italia is a Zoroastrian Parsi. Famous Zoroastrians include legendary musician and live performer, Freddie Mercury, world renowned classical conductor Zubin Mehta, and Chairman Emeritus and Ex-CEO of TATA Industries, Ratan N Tata.

A successful entrepreneur on his own, Shayan is also a global traveller who travels to a different country each month in search of inspiration. The photographs he takes on his travels are awesome and some can be seen here. He’s also obsessed with chocolate. Like, seriously obsessed!

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From assembling computers since a kid to coding to writing songs to travelling and playing sport, to studying and building home theatre systems, Shayan has an eclectic set of interests that keep his mind, body and soul energised and content.

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Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber
"His song 'Soul' is masterfully written"
Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber
Legendary Musicals Composer & Creator
Multi-Tony Award Winner
Michael McCabe
"An incredibly talented songwriter"
Michael McCabe
Four-Time Laurence Olivier Award Winner
Executive Producer, Wicked, The Musical
Neil Fox
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Neil 'Foxy' Fox
Radio DJ & Presenter
Magic FM & Capital FM
Time Out
"A silent superstar in the making"
TimeOut, London
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Awards & Recognitions

Global Indian Of The Year 
Young Zoroastrian Entrepreneur Of The Year
Forbes Best Food Delivery Startup
CNBC Best Online Startup Food Delivery
Economic Times Top 5 Startups
TimesCity’s 5 Food Startups You Need To Try
Exhibit Awards Top 100 Startups Of The Year
International Poetry Contest Winner
Honory Award, Great American Song Contest Winner
All India Song Contest Winner
VH1 International Song Contest Awardee
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