Shayan Italia Passions

Shayan Italia Passions


Shayan Italia Travel Passion

Shayan attempts to travel to a new country every month in search of inspiration. Till date he’s travelled to over 75 countries and hundreds of cities. Most of the times he travels alone and take lots of incredible pictures. He tries to learn about the place and visit every historic site and museum. As he loves food, he loves to try different cuisines the world over.

Music & Movies

Shayan Italia Love For Music and Movies

Music is a big part of Shayan and stems from his Mum leaving him a piano before she died. He has a standing catalogue of over 100 Class-A songs which he holds dear. Shayan loves movies. He’s been building home theatre systems since his late teens. His home in Mumbai houses a 4th generation state-of-the-art IMAX Dolby Atmos 11.2 theatre. 


Shayan Italia Passionate About Technology

Shayan’s late father was a PhD in engineering, so it’s not surprising his attention to detail and his love for being at the forefront of technology. By 15, Shayan was assembling computers. By his late teens he was a regular recording with the top orchestras the world over. His household is tied into the Apple ecosystem and he always possesses the latest of technologies.

Shayan Italia
Blue Whale Video

It simply is the greatest living creature on the planet. Silent, enormous, gentle, graceful, seeing a Blue Whale up close raced Shayan’s heart rapidly as he shot this fantastic video with his crew in Mirissa

Travel Photography Highlights

Shayan Italia Philanthropy

Cancer Cells

Cancer and M.S.
A fight with no end

Since losing his mum to Multiple Myeloma (Cancer of the bone marrow) and his father to Multiple Sclerosis, Shayan has tireless fought to help raise money in the shadows. He says “It is my moral duty to both my parents and to people who suffer from these diseases to help out where I can.”

Science and Education
A new paradigm

Shayan has lately shifted his philanthropic efforts towards science and education. COVID-19 has emphasised the importance on leading healthier lives of wellness for all of us and cellular science is spearheading that ideology. Hence the birth of Shayan’s START Wellness app.