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“Long has a song come along that has sent shivers down my spine, teared me up with pride and made me want to stand for something greater than myself.” – David Wiltsher

WARRIORS is the astounding debut International single from Shayan Italia. Filled with goosebump moments, it will empower you in ways you cannot imagine. Recorded in gorgeous next generation 3D audio, WARRIORS brings back the age of music where performance and feel trumped studio perfection.

Sir David Frost Interviewed Shayan Italia

Sir David Frost Interview

Shayan Italia is one of only a handful of people from India to be interviewed by the late great Sir David Frost. The interview opens up with Sir David Frost asking the question “Well, is the new Elton John going to come from India?”

Indian National Anthem

In 2018 the Shayan Italia Indian National Anthem version became the most viewed national anthem of any country in history garnering in excess of 100 million views on YouTube

Shayan Italia Feel The Broadway Musical

FEEL - Broadway Musical

Feel is a story about hope, getting pinned down by life, taking all the beatings, learning from them and rising up to succeed against all odds, with integrity. A large part of the musical is inspired by Shayan’s life itself; of the boy who lost his mother at a young age, became musical unexpectedly and started his journey of self-discovery.