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Yeh Dil (Sha la la la)

Yeh Dil (Sha la la la) marks the sensual, provocative and daring Hindi debut from Indian-born International award-winning pianist, songwriter and vocalist, Shayan Italia. The irresistibly catchy tune features global legendary musicians coming together to create a sound never heard before in Hindi Music, hallmarking an evolutionary step for music in India. Currently in post-production, the song’s music video is set to feature breathtaking visuals. The song releases in 2020.

With a standing catalogue of over 100 class-A songs, many say Shayan is set to uplift the Indian music industry; introducing a true music artist and songwriter with a fresh sound to elevate a much-saturated market.

Listen up.

If you aim to change the marketplace forever, your approach has to be different, unique and one-of-a-kind. You have to challenge one’s mindset and lead them into the future. This takes time, patience and consistently delivering world-class standards repeatedly.

Brace yourself for what’s coming in 2020 from Shayan Italia.

Listen to the clip below of the song “Yeh Dil (Sha la la la)” with earphones.

The musicianship is simply awesome!


Yeh Dil (Sha la la la)

Written, Arranged, Produced & Performed on Grand Piano by: Shayan Italia
Mastered by: Shayan Italia
Produced, Recorded & Mixed by: Simon Hanhart
Arranged by: Richard Cottle
Drums: Ralph Salmins
Bass: Laurence Cottle
Guitars: Guthrie Govan
Keys: Richard Cottle
Backing Vocals by: Miriam & Shayan Italia
Strings: The London Telefilmonic Orchestra
Recorded at: Metropolis Studios, London
Recorded at: Abbey Road Studios, London
Recorded at: Air Studios, London
Recorded at: The Gateway Studios London
Recorded at: Purple Haze Studios, Mumbai
Lead Vocals Recording/Additional Mixing by: Abhay Rumde

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