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Shayan Italia pERFORMS THE National Anthem of India as Tribute to his Mother.

#IWouldStandForThis honours the Indian National Anthem, performed by Shayan Italia in 8K Ultra HD on the world's grandest piano, in remembrance of his mother. It is a global cross-cultural initiative, involving the Who’s Who of music coming together to inspire patriotism amongst the youth of India in its digital age. It unveils 15 August 2018 to mark 71  years of India's independence.

Shayan Italia is an Indian-born pianist, songwriter, entrepreneur and global traveller. He began creating music after the unexpected death of his mother from Multiple Myeloma when he was young. Shayan's mother bought him a Yamaha Clavinova digital piano as a goodbye present. She never lived to see him play it. He lost his dad exactly one year later from Multiple Sclerosis. In their memory he has dedicated all his music and a bulk of his earnings to social good.

Shayan Italia has won a number of global awards. He is among the select few individuals from India to be interviewed by the legendary Sir David Frost